Job Bank Process and Posting Strategies: Tips and Tricks (Recording) 

Mar. 5, 2019

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Presented by the CBA Immigration Law Section

Job Bank Process and Posting Strategies: Tips and Tricks

Immigration Lawyers often advise employers regarding setting up a Job Bank account, reviewing and editing job postings, and managing the postings to support an LMIA. This webinar will go over how to use the Job Bank for job postings.

Topics will include:

  • How to set up an account:
    • Who can set it up, who will administer it, what happens when the administrator leaves the company, what to do when there are delays in getting the account opened.
  • How to set up an advertisement:
    • Limitations to descriptions and employer or work locations, and how best to manage/overcome these limitations
  • How to manage the posting:
    • Screen shots, Job Match invitations, how long it will be live, renewing it, and what to do when it lapses.
  • Security features of Job Bank and other benefits.
  • Practitioner input from the program moderators on issues and/or challenges that arise with respect to ensuring that Service Canada’s requirements for an LMIA application are met.



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