The Parenting After Separation Toolkit: What Lawyers Need to Know (Recording) 

Oct. 17, 2017


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Presented by the CBA Family Law Section, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, and
Children's Law Committee

The Parenting After Separation Toolkit: What Lawyers Need to Know

Separating couples are often unaware of how their conflict affects their children, and lawyers have an obligation to remind their clients to put the needs of their children first and advocate for developmentally-appropriate parenting orders. In May 2017, the CBA National Family Law Section partnered with the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family to release the Successfully Parenting Apart Toolkit – a detailed directory of online and print resources on how parents can learn to parent apart effectively and support the healthy adjustment and development of their children.
Whether your practice focuses exclusively on family law or you take on just one parenting case a year, this webinar will help you learn to use the information in the toolkit to find current, high-quality information and deepen your understanding of current social science research and best practices. You will learn about your ethical responsibilities to consider the needs of your client's children when formulating strategy in parenting cases, to guide your clients toward good parenting decisions, and to prioritize the future functioning of separated families.
Topics will include:
•         Why and how lawyers should use this toolkit in their role as advocates
•         Lawyers' obligations toward clients in parenting cases
•         Lawyers' obligations to help clients act in their children's interest
•         How to use the toolkit to refer clients to best practices
•         How to provide improved access to justice through education


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