Lobbying Laws Across Canada: Ethical and Professional Implications for Lawyers (Recording) 

Oct. 12, 2017

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Presented by the CBA Administrative Law Section and the  Ethics and Professional Responsibility Subcommittee.

Lobbying Laws Across Canada: Ethical and Professional Implications for Lawyers

Clients frequently call upon legal counsel to communicate on their behalf with the government. Lawyers need to know when communication with government officials constitutes lobbying and, as such, is subject to registration, reporting and other rules. 

The past year has seen enhanced enforcement of federal, provincial and municipal lobbying laws, which gives rise to the need for improved risk management for clients. 

This webinar will provide an update on lobbying legislation and enforcement at different levels of government across Canada. It will also examine the ethical, professional and practice-management issues that arise when lawyers undertake to communicate with government officials on behalf of their clients. 

Topics will include:
•   Lobbying law in Canada:  implications for lawyers
•   Recent developments in Canadian lobbying law at the federal, provincial and municipal levels
•   Solicitor-client privilege and client confidentiality when lobbying is involved
•   Managing the client relationship when the lawyer’s lobbyist registration obligations are at issue




              Bruce Bergen - link to Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying         Emilie Bundock - link to biography         Guy W. Giorno - link to biography.



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