Family Status Accommodation: Statutory Protections and Legal Tests (Recording) 

Sep. 14, 2017


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Presented by the CBA Labour and Employement Law and Constitutional and Human Rights Law Sections

Family Status Accommodation: Statutory Protections and Legal Tests

Family status accommodation is a challenging area of law that is constantly evolving. Lawyers who practice in the areas of labour, employment and human rights need to keep abreast of protections for employees regarding accommodation of restrictions based on family status. This webinar will feature a panel of speakers from the perspectives of the employer, the employee/union, and the human rights commission/tribunal.  Our speakers will identify the statutory provisions governing family status in different Canadian jurisdictions, and explain the application and interpretation of those provisions in recent cases before tribunals, arbitrators and courts. They will also explore the future direction of the law related to family status accommodation.  
After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key statutory protections for family status 
  • Appreciate the key considerations related to forum selection 
  • Understand the recent case law and legal tests for family status 
  • Apply the legal tests to workplace issues and explore how the concept of undue hardship applies in these cases
  • Understand how child care and elder care are protected under the concept of family status
  • Appreciate how family status accommodation intersects with gender issues and service provision




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