CBA Solutions Series for Students - Part I 

Mar. 15, 2017 - Aug. 31, 2018

Our Solutions Series for students - Part I is now free to students with CBA membership.  These eight webinars are designed to help solve the problems you will face every day as a lawyer, so you can work less stressfully, more productively, and more profitably – regardless of your practice area.

Get your “backstage pass” to the legal world’s top consultants, coaches,
and trusted advisors.

You get to learn from the experts as they share their most practical, proven strategies to find and keep clients … boost productivity … communicate with confidence ... get paid on time … and thrive in the business of practicing law.

Programs include: 

1. Find Clients: Business Development for Lawyers

2. Defend Your Data: Protecting Client Confidentiality in a Digital World

3. Keep Clients Loyal: Position Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

4. Communicate with Confidence: Voice and Body Language Techniques for Lawyers

5. Boost Your Productivity I: Mastering Your Time

6. Boost Your Productivity II: Working Effectively with Support Staff

7. Dealing with Difficult Clients: Practical Advice and Solutions

8. Getting Paid: Effective Billing and Fee Collection Strategies

Click here to view the program descriptions.

Not a CBA Member?

Students that have not been called to a Canadian Bar and who are enrolled at a recognized Canadian law school, or Canadian citizens studying at a recognized foreign law faculty qualify for CBA Student Membership. For fees by province and additional information, please click here.

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    Free to students with CBA Membership 

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