Business Valuation: What Lawyers Need to Know (Recording) 

Apr. 3, 2018


Business Valuation: What Lawyers Need to Know


When it comes to the valuation of a business or an equity interest therein, financial statements rarely paint a complete picture. There are numerous items that are not reflected on a company’s financial statements, or are recorded at their accounting values and not necessarily their current fair market values. Moreover, some assets and liabilities are not recorded at all. 

In this webinar, our knowledgeable speakers will explain why financial statements are only a starting point when establishing business ownership values, and other related matters that lawyers need to examine with respect to valuable intangible assets, including intellectual property, as well as real property, contingent assets and liabilities, and embedded taxes.

Topics will include:
•         Why financial statements do not show economic value
•         Important items that do not appear on a balance sheet or income statement
•         Importance of notes to financial statements
•         Statement of cash flows
•         Cutoff issues: sales, credits, inventory
•         Related party transactions
•         Fraud: royalty expense sales analysis, foreign exchange, bad debt expenses
•         Reconstructing the accounting records/statements to arrive at meaningful, representative values

This is the 6th webinar of the Interpreting Financial Statements program.



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